prayer pic-trinity-customMinistries at Central

Mission Outreach and Church Ministries
Central Lutheran Church supports missionary outreach programs and local food bank efforts. We are always open to partnering with the community to make a difference.

Currently we provide up to 100 Brown-bag lunches per week,(and an occasional pair of socks!)  every Friday, to the homeless within our community! This outreach ministry is just another way that we give back to our neighbors in need. Central has now given out over thirteen thousand lunches!

Adult Education Hour: Starts Sunday mornings at 9:35
Please come and join us for Bible study, fellowship, and prayer. It is in fellowship, centered around God’s inerrant Word and lifting our hearts in prayer together, that we grow with one another in the body of Christ.

Children’s Sunday School: Starts at 9:35 Sunday mornings

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. The Bible tells us to teach children to love and honor Christ. Here at Central Lutheran Church we take this responsibility seriously. If you want your children to truly know who Jesus Christ is, and what He did for the world, bring your kids here! Our teachers are real teachers in their career life, and serve Jesus teaching here on Sundays! It does not get any better than that!  

Main Worship Service:Starts at 10:30 Sunday mornings

Come join us as we celebrate Christ and Him crucified every Sunday morning in our beautiful Sanctuary.

Wednesday Evening Potluck and Video Bible Study-6:30pm

Come spend your Wednesday evenings with us! Enjoy a great potluck meal in warm fellowship, and then after dinner stay with us as we together further study and deepen our relationship with our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!

Mission Outreach

Central Lutheran Church is thrilled to be part of the spread of God’s kingdom around the world. We are active in supporting these missionaries with our resources and prayers. At present Roger Lai and David are missionaries from Central Lutheran Church who are located in two countries—China, and Middle East.  We encourage all of our people to respond to God’s call for laborers, whether it means that they move to a foreign country or live and minister in our own community.


The usher team at Central Lutheran Church fills an important role. They are involved in directing attendees to their seats, ensuring the safety of the building during services, helping visitors, answering questions, and generally ensuring that the service can proceed problem-free. The usher team is a servant-hearted group of men and women whose ministry is integral to church life.

Media & Technology

Using media to spread the gospel is a privilege of Central Lutheran Church. In an age of widespread technology, we have a stewardship to use these tools as best as possible for kingdom purposes. Our weekly sermons are uploaded to our website in video and/or audio formats so that you can send them to your friends and family, and spread God’s Word!

Marriage Counseling

Marriages can be difficult to maintain. Misunderstanding, confusion, resentment, and anger can flare up in any marriage. Pastor John is available to assist couples whenever needed. In addition, we have other happily married couples who are willing to help in times of need. Their role in listening, understanding, helping, and encouraging struggling couples has, by God’s grace, saved marriages, and repaired relationships. Couples have found fresh hope and new joy in a warm and fulfilling relationship with their spouse.


Prayer cannot be overestimated. Prayer moves the hand of God. Central Lutheran Church is a body of strong believers dependent upon prayer, and committed to God’s sovereignty. Throughout the week volunteers pray for our pastor, church members with particular needs, church ministries at Central and in our community, as well as current affairs that impact our world. If you need prayer, please contact Pastor John at any time!