There are several unique advantages to making Central Church a charitable donation through a life insurance policy. Such a legacy gift is simple to arrange and does not require the services of an attorney or related legal costs. Also, the size of the gift is assured in advance and will not depend on the fluctuations of the market or other economic factors.

Making a charitable gift by designating Central Church as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy may be particularly appealing to those concerned with preserving other assets for family members. Since the donation is made outside of your will or trust, it guarantees that your wishes will be carried out swiftly and as intended. By making gifts through smaller annual premium payments, you assure a sizeable gift to our mission that does not impact your holdings.

Some options include:

  • making Central Church the beneficiary of the life insurance policy offered at your place of employment.
  • contributing an obsolete policy that can benefit the kingdom now.
  • establishing a new policy for which you gift premiums to Central Church that are deductible as charitable donations for tax purposes. Central Church in turn uses those funds to pay the premiums on a life insurance policy that has named our ministry as the beneficiary.

Please contact Mark Redal, Director of Stewardship by email or by phoning Central Church Office to discuss this attractive opportunity. Help proclaim Reformation truths to the generations that follow.


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