Does Your Employer Match Gifts?

Ask your employer if they offer matching funds for 501 3 (C) non-profit organizations.

Many corporate employers will match your donations if you submit your donation with their appropriate matching fund documentation.  Matching donations can start at $ 20.00 up to $ 15,000.00 per employee.

Central Church thanks you for asking your employer regarding corporate non-profit matching.


For example:

Boeing Educational Credit Union will match donations. www.becu.org/who-is/employee.aspx

Alaska Airlines:

Matching Gift Company Information and Guidelines

Company:   Alaska Airlines
Subsidiary of:   Alaska Air Group, Inc.
Foundation #:   99450000
Last Updated:   2013-04-09 11:33:47.0
Contact:   Claire Sowers
Phone:   (206) 392-5876
Website:   AlaskasWorld.com
Minimum amount matched: $50
Maximum amount matched: $1,000
Total per employee: $1,000
Gift ratio:  1:1

Comments: There is no form available to download, employee must go to through our internal website to donate online matching only. Employee donates online only through Alaska Airlines Your Choice Giving Campaign available through AlaskasWorld.com during the designated giving month.


  • Participating donor logs into the matching gift website (check availability of log-in above) and submits the match request. Company contacts charitable organization when gift is made.
  • Acknowledgement Letter required.

Thank-you for asking your employer regarding Corporate non-profit matching.